Subject Re: [firebird-support] Some feed back on a possible gotcha
Author Grant Brown
Hi to all,

I feel that it is necessary to clarify a earlier post and a subsequent
response from Martijn (DB WorkBench)

My earlier response may be viewed by others as a bad rap for DB WorkBench.

ITS NOT - and was never intended to be.

To give everyone the correct background to this,

We wrote a SP (lets call it SP 1)

The SP 1 required 3 inputs and returned 1 output.

We then wrote a second SP (lets call it SP 2) that called SP 1 above. At
the time of writing SP 2 called SP 1 with the correct input parameters.

OK so far no problem and every thing worked well with out any error.

Now some time latter in our application, code was re-written the meant
that SP 2 was no longer needed and also resulted in the parameters of SP
1 getting changed. However SP 2 was not dropped from the DB.

Again SP 1 compiled OK and the app along with the FB DB worked without
error and or problem.

The problem arose when we need to restore the DB from a back up which
result in the error.

Change the input parameters used by SP 2 when calling SP 1 resolved the
problem. (infact we actually dropped SP 2)

In closing I must say even with the above, as a company we are very
happy with DB Workbench and will continue to make use of it in our every
day work.

Support provided by Martijn and his team has been outstanding.

In short we caused the problem not DB WorkBench.

Grant Brown

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