Subject Some feed back on a possible gotcha
Author Grant Brown
Hi to all,

Recently we posted a question relating to an error message the we
received during a restore of a FB 1.5 DB

>gbak: restoring index FK_CLIENT_REP_LETTERS
>gbak: restoring index FK_COMPANY_LETERS
>ERROR: invalid request BLR at offset 917
>parameter mismatch for procedure AUTOTEXT_TOWN_DATA

Helen graciously responded with what at the time seem like the correct

>>Character set mismatches? If the default database character set is
>>anything but ASCII then you have a potential anomaly in the parameter

>>Try casting ALL of your possible results as


However as things are not always as they seem Helen's answer was not the
correct solution (sorry Helen - we can't always be correct :-) )

The real culprit turned out to be incorrect parameters being passed by a
SP that was calling the AUTOTEXT_TOWN_DATA stored procedure. 3
parameters were supposed to be passed when infact only a single
parameter was being passed.

As it turned out the calling SP was an old SP that was no longer in use
so the issue only showed up during a restore or a complete re-compile of
all stored procedures.

The AUTOTEXT_TOWN_DATA stored procedure had in fact been changed after
the calling SP had been compiled and hence why the AUTOTEXT_TOWN_DATA
stored procedure compiled OK on an individual basis.

No theres a gotcha.

Anyway problem now solved and thanks to all that responded.

Grant Brown

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