Subject Re: About UDF's problem
Author Adam

What tool or program did you set 13.275000000 and what tool are you
using to check the value? I still have my money on a rounding display
confusion. If you run an update statement in iSQL to replace the 13.275
number with the exact number, does it still round that way?


--- In, Yang Jin <ojinyang@y...> wrote:
> So fast reply! Thank you very much.
> It's right.I had tried it after post the problem,had the same reuslt
that you example.
> I can also understand your explain.But the field's datatype in Table
is numeric(18,9),the Field value in Table is 13.275000000, of course
display as 13.275 in 3dp.So I still not understand,
> why cast( 13.275000000 as numeric(18,2)) = 13.27,but
> cast( 13.275 as numeric(18,2)) = 13.28?
> Other info: the result of cast( 13.275000000 as numeric(18,1)) =