Subject Re: Is it safe to backup a database from another firebird server?
Author Adam
Hi Alan,

> This process does NOT, however, reduce the CPU activity at the
server over
> doing it locally. So I see no saving as far as you are trying to

True, the server still has to manage the gbak transaction so the CPU
would be working just as hard. However the Firebird service will not
be fighting with GBAK for the I/O subsystem, Firebird trying to read
from the database file, GBAK trying to write a file on the same
physical hard disk. Having the hard disk jump from sector to sector is
very expensive in terms of performance, but you do have to weigh it
up. If you are backing up to a different physical drive under the
direct control of the Firebird database server, then it may be quicker
than transferring the data over the network. My experience is that
people do not tend to care (within reason) how long a backup takes, as
long as it doesn't slow them down too much.