Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Max users in a big boomer of a server - Classic or SS
Author Alexandre Benson Smith
Eduardo A. Salgado wrote:

>How are you doing your 100-150 concurrent users?
Sorry I was not clear...

I wanted to state that I had never deployed a system for 1000 concurrent
users, and the maximum that I had deployed are around 100-150 (but it's
not FB it's Oracle).

In FB I have a maximum of 30 concurrent users. In my case I don't need
to do anything special, since 30 is a low number of concurrent connections.

For a bigger number I think you should go to a 3-tier approach and
connection pooling.

>I am quickly getting in beyond my pay grade ;-)
>Were do I go to learn about large numbers like these?
look for messages of Dalton Calford, David Johnson have good insights on
this too (and are answering this thread ;-) )

>Feel like the dog chasing the bus. Now that we caught it ...

see you !


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