Subject Re: [firebird-support] Installation of FireBird
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:41 PM 8/08/2005 -0300, you wrote:
> I have an application developped in Delphi 5 which used dBase files
> and now will use FireBird 1.5. My application has an installer I made
> using Inno Setup. With this installer, the user selects if he is
> installing on the server or on a client PC.
> I want to modify my Inno Setup installer to install my application
> and FireBird. On the server my intention is to install FB server and on
> the clients I want to install the files of FB needed (fbclient.dll,
> etc.). I know there is an iss script to do this somewhere to download but
> I canĀ“t find it now. I downloaded one from
> but it seems to be to install FireBird 2.0, and I am using FireBird 1.5.
> Additionally it needs InnoSetup 4.2.7 and my installer is developped
> using InnoSetup 2.0.18.
> Can anyone tell me where can I find the iss script to install
> FireBird 1.5 with my application. I will also appreciate if someone can
> tell me or tell me where to read some instructions about doing it.

You need to select the branch B1_5_Release. I think the CVS viewer
displays the HEAD branch by default. HEAD is where the Fb 2.0 code is.

As for the InnoSetup version, considering that it is now in its v.5
release, it's probably a long stretch to expect v.2 to be 100%
compatible. As it is freeware, or, rather, donorware, why wouldn't you
want to upgrade? Just an opinion, of course...