Subject Installation of FireBird
Author Gustavo

I have an application developped in Delphi 5 which used dBase files and now will use FireBird 1.5. My application has an installer I made using Inno Setup. With this installer, the user selects if he is installing on the server or on a client PC.

I want to modify my Inno Setup installer to install my application and FireBird. On the server my intention is to install FB server and on the clients I want to install the files of FB needed (fbclient.dll, etc.). I know there is an iss script to do this somewhere to download but I canĀ“t find it now. I downloaded one from but it seems to be to install FireBird 2.0, and I am using FireBird 1.5. Additionally it needs InnoSetup 4.2.7 and my installer is developped using InnoSetup 2.0.18.

Can anyone tell me where can I find the iss script to install FireBird 1.5 with my application. I will also appreciate if someone can tell me or tell me where to read some instructions about doing it.

Thanks in advance


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