Subject Re: High memory usage
Author rodrigogoncalves
Just to close up the problem:

we changed most of the code (basically the mostly used) to commit
statements (instead of commitRetaining) and it didn't solve the
problem sadly.

We then decided to put 1.5GB of RAM into the server and now the system
flies ( literally :-) ).

Anyway, I would like to thanks a lot for the attention paid.


> rodrigogoncalves wrote:
> >
> > Another thing that I forgot to mention is that most of our code uses
> > CommitRettaining (very few places uses Commit). May this be causing
> > the OAT/OIT & high memory usage problem?
> >
> Yes, it could. Though why that would affect one system and not others
> is something of a mystery.
> Regards,
> Ann