Subject Re: Slow Sweep speed on large database - Long post
Author Eduardo A. Salgado
--- In, Alexandre Benson Smith
<iblist@t...> wrote:

> In SMP machines CS performs better, did you tried it ?

We have over 160 installations around the US. Some may benefit from
CS and most would not. So, we keep one standard way.

> Assuming that you have FK between the the larger and the very small
> tables will anser a lot of your problems (sweep taking too long).

Will look at this.

> Select count(*) will never be fast in a 4.1 million row tables,
Read about it.

> Because of long duplicate chains of values in indices, run the
statis on
> indices are remove those indices that have a lot of duplicates (>

Will look at this.

> limit that I will comment bellow (page buffers).

Will correct down to 10000.

Good suggestions! Thanks.

BTW, that Sweep, it is still going (over 6 hours)!