Subject Embedded FB, strange error, works fine in FB as a service
Author Chuck Belanger

Trying to get an app ready to send out for beta testing and am using FB
Embedded for this desktop application. On my development CPU, I
generally use the fully installed FB and just keep a copy of
"gds32.dllbk" in the app directory, (I think fbclient.dll
originally)which I rename to "gds32.dll" after turning off the FB
service to test the app with the embedded FB.

FB embedded has worked fine in another application.

Getting the following when switching from installed FB to embedded FB
when running my app:

"Arithmetic exception, numeric overflow, or string truncation.
Implementation of text subtype 52 not located."

Seems to relate to any query which requests "live" record sets. I'm
using IBO, but not sure if its an IBO problem.

Anyone with any ideas about what's going on here?

Thank you,

Chuck Belanger