Subject Re: Problem with macrons (unicode)...
Author phil_hhn
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...>
> What you are not telling us is what the character sets of the client
> the destination column are.
I use either char or varchar columns, both of which I've always
assumed were plain-vanilla unicode. Within my java application I just
use whatever the standard char set is, and it appears within java it's
displaying the value correctly when I first enter it.
> >So how can I tell if the database is storing it correctly?

> Difficult to say, until we know the conditions under which the
> are being stored and retrieved and whether you are inspecting the
> using a viewing interface that actually supports the images for
> characters.
Hmmm, well I guess IBexpert sort of does...

> >Or could both IBexpert and JDBC be corrupting the character to/from
> >the database?
> Both IBExpert will be doing whatever the conditions dictate. So
> more information about the conditions....

Not too sure where to start ;-)