Subject Problem with macrons (unicode)...
Author phil_hhn
Hi... I have to be able to store 'unusual' macrons, eg in the word
'shogun' there is a line above the 'o'. The 'o' with a line above it
is unicode character \u014D

I've pasted this value into a column manually using IBexpert; while
editing the char is correct, and when I exit editing mode and commit,
the value looks like a normal 'o'.
If I edit it again it looks correct (the one I originally put in), but
if I exit IBexpert and restart, it now looks like a normal 'o', even
when editing.

This could be an IBexpert problem, but I'm not sure if it's been
stored correctly.
In my java application I retrieve the value via JDBC but when it's
displayed in an edit box it doesn't show as a normal 'o' /or/ the
special macron, but as an 'undisplayable' block character. I know my
application can display the special macron ok because I can paste the
correct one in the edit box and view it ok. (It normally then gets
stored in the db.)

So how can I tell if the database is storing it correctly?
Or could both IBexpert and JDBC be corrupting the character to/from
the database?

Any ideas?