Subject Re: Functions/UDF's/Reserved Words in FB & IB6
Author Tony Masefield
--- In, "Adam" <s3057043@y...>
> > Is there an udated list on what functions/reserved words are
> available
> > in FB?
> Functions and reserved words are different things. FB 1.5 will
> run the following
I'm aware that keywords (reserved words) are different but if one
refers to 'the manuals' one finds entries such
as 'Current_Date', 'Current_time' etc amongst the key(reserved)
words. I'm using the keywords as an 'indicator' as to
what 'functions' (or rather 'Procedures from a Delphi perspective)
are available.

> alter table [tablename] add now timestamp;
> (But I would suggest that is probably a bad field name in any case)
> It can be frustrating that they are not in a consolidated manual,
> they will be in one of the IB Docs or in the FB Release notes. I
There is information available but not, as ou say, in a consolidated
list. However, have not found reference to 'Now' in any of the
information I have available but I dont have the older FB release
The problem is knowing what is available.

> found the embedded guide contained stuff that was quite useful for
> embedded installs, it is more like a mini langref or something.
Haven't looked at the embedded notes. Thanks for the tip!

> Also keep in mind the reserved words in FB 2, even though it is
> chances are you will eventually upgrade, and a 5 minute check of
> release notes now could save you half a day of writing SQL scripts
> adjust tables later.

Another valuable tip. Thanks.
> Adam