Subject Re: Hi All,
Author Adam
Hi Zsolt,

There is no special Firebird setting to make it run on the internet.
By that I mean that if you point a DNS entry to it and forward port
3050 to the machine, that is all you need to do to get it to work.

There are obviously some considerations in doing this, mainly the
fact that you are allowing any internet connection to connect to your
database, and someone with enough knowledge may find a way of
connecting to your database.

The other main problem is that apart from some basic varchar
trimming, there is little compression done by the server. I imagine
the reason it doesn't exist is because it would be re-inventing the
wheel. A third party tool called Zebedee (also free) can be
downloaded that can create a secure tunnel over the internet, and
also compress the data somewhat.

In any case, you probably need an n-tier application rather than a
client-server application in this model. There are tools to help with
this such as RemObjects (not free), and are a better approach than
allowing a remote machine to execute arbitrary commands on the
server. Other options are a Terminal Server / Citrix based approach,
where remote clients rdp into an application server which is on the
same network as the database server. I imagine that if you do not
achieve acceptable performance with Zebedee, then your design
architecture did not allow for internet connection speeds, and a
Terminal Server approach would be the easiest approach.