Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird-Server (1.03) crashes regularly
Author Milan Babuskov
josef_gschwendtner wrote:
> is Firebird 1.5.2 compilable with g++/gcc 2.96?

AFAIK, no. GCC 3.2 has introduced stable support for stl, so I believe
that is a minimal gcc version you'll need. However, you can still do it.
Download and compile some newer 3.x version (not 4.x series). Then you
can compile Firebird with it. To run it you'll just need to allow it to
link to "new" libstdc++. You can do that by setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH env.
variable somewhere in Firebird's startup script.

Something like:

- download & unzip gcc
- ./configure --prefix=/home/whatever
- make
- make install

This will install GCC in /home/whatever

Now, change your PATH to use gcc first:

export PATH=/home/whatever/bin:$PATH

and compile Firebird.

I never tried this with Firebird, but I did with some other apps. I all
worked almost out of the box, but YMMV.

Milan Babuskov