Subject Firebird-Server (1.03) crashes regularly
Author Josef Gschwendtner
in one of our apps Firebird 1.03 (SS) crashes in a regularly but
unpredictable manner (on some systems once a month, on some other
systems almost each day). The interbase.log file only contains the
message "/opt/interbase/bin/ibguard: bin/ibserver terminated abnormally

Also several customers (each of it abroad) have the problem, we couldn't
reproduce it, yet. Almost after each crash, the guardian process
restarts the server.

The databases have between 2GB and 3GB. About 500000 records will be
inserted each day. The data insertion is done from a JBoss-Server via
JDBC (Jaybird 1.5.4) on a RedHat 7.2 system (Double XEON)

The system is kind of a 24/7 system. The data of one special table is
needed only 30 days, so we delete older data periodically (400000
records --> GC is very busy); otherwise the database is getting to

We have to use Firebird 1.03 because the system has to run on RedHat

Maybe with Firebird 1.52 the problems would be solved?
We tried to compile a statically linked Firebird 1.52 on a Suse 9.2
machine and to run it on RedHat 7.2. The statically linked Firebird
1.5.2-4731 actually refuses to link "" due to a missing
"main" needed in /usr/lib/crt1.o on our Suse 9.2 machine.

Is there a chance to compile a statically linked Firebird 1.52 and let
it run on RedHat 7.2?

Is there a possibility to get more information about the situation
leading to the problem (debug build, core dump, log information)?

Any help is much appreciated,
Josef Gschwendtner