Subject Re: Dump data into sql scripts
Author HKlemt
> I've just been asked by a support customer how to dump a Firebird
> database into a script that can be run with ISQL to recreate and
> repopulate the database including blobs. I thought that IBExpert
> did that

correct, but not with isql because isql has no real support for blobs.
so we made our own syntax.

> but the customer informs me that the scripts generated can only be
> run through IBExpert and they "don't want to distribute IBExpert".

why not? they do not have to distribute the whole package? they can
also integrate this functionality in their own application with
ibescript.dll or just call the commandline version names ibescript.dll

But they need to pay for a var license to do that, perhaps that is
their managements problem ;-)

Holger Klemt