Subject Re: transactions and timestamps
Author Lutz Kutscher
> Then create a CustomerChanged table. Every device is assigned a
> unique number (and this is enforced via MAC address matching)
> You then put triggers on the insert / update of the Customer table,
> and if the fields of interest have been changed, then a record is
> inserted into the CustomerChanged table for every device that needs
> to know about that customer.
> When the offsite device phones home, It collects the CustomerIDs of
> interest and re-queries those customers. Not a total replication
> solution, but certainly does the job here.

Thanks, that's just what I will do (in a slightly changed manner).

> Just be warned that if you use delete triggers that insert that
> customerid, you will not be allowed to delete a record because it
> would violate the foreign key constraint.

To get around this, I just created the <xxx>Changed Table without a FK
reference to the original table. If the link application doesn't find
a record with corresponding PK, it deletes that record in the offsite.

Thanks again,