Subject Re: Firebird 1.5.2 client on Win 2000
Author Tony Masefield
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> Hi,
> Sounds like you don't have FB running as a service.
> Check how you have it running in the control pannel applet on the
> Cheers
> Steven
Hi Steve,

Thanks for taking the time to comment.
It's FB 1.5.1 running on a Win 2003 server as a service, not an
application. Guardian was 'on' but have now dissabled.


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> Hi All,
> An update to the original post on this subject:
> When I initially copied the FDB file to the server from my laptop
I had had
> to log on as the server administrator. After doing this the
application on
> my laptop ran fine, even though the connection to the server was
> disconnected/reconnected a few times.
> When trying the app on the Win 2000 client it wouldn't work.
> However, logging on to the server yesterday from the Win 200
machine as
> administrator, and then trying the app now works.
> Obviously I'm missing something here in terms of the necessity to
log onto
> the server in the first instance (the FDB is, BTW, in a shared
folder on the
> server).
> Why logging on to the server just once should cause the app to run
from that
> point forward I don't understand. I had assumed (obviously
> wrongly) that setting the port at 3050 would bypass the server log-
> requirements.
> Actually, at the moment, the FDB is resident on the application
server which
> also runs a commercial Oracle based program (which in turn is
connected to a
> DB server). The Oracle program is still
under "development/modification"
> (for the last 10 months) so I am trying to avoid
any 'interference' with
> this aspect.
> The one thing I haven't checked yet is what strain of Windows is
running on
> the application server at this time.
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