Subject How to import text file data into Firebird table ?
Author mario1fb
The structure of the text (ASCII) file is as follows:
The initial row length (number characters in each row) varies, e.g.

zzz yyyy Initial Title row xxxx zzzz Title Row
xxx zzz Header row ... More text
ssxxccvvv zzz ... more rows like those above
here starts the actual text content that I want to import into table:


D1234 12.46 1.234
D3214 11.45 0.122
Z5533 -10.22 -3.456

I want to end up with a Firebird table having three columns with the
actual data extracted from the regular text columns (the initial file
header info to be discarded).
I have tried to parse the above data following the "Inserting Data
from an External File" example from Delphi-InterBase.PDF manual (pp.
96-99), but this only works with regular (fixed) text data columns. My
example produces incorrect and unpredictable output due to the
variable length of the inital rows in the external text file.

Any ideas how to insert the above text data (starting from COL1, COL2,
etc.) into the Firebird/Interbase database table ?
Many thanks.