Subject system object table
Author Vahan Yoghoudjian
Good Morning

I was trying to find the system table in Firebird that stores the object
names and their properties but could not find it... first of all is there
such a table in Firebird? and if there is can I restructure it by adding
fields to it?

My application has all the table definitions hardcoded (also stored
procedures, UDFs...) whenever I update my application and one of those
object definitions was modified i want my application to update it
automatically on the server. The reason why we do this is of course is when
we release new versions we just send the .exe to the client which should do
all the updating work...

I want to store the version numbers given to this objects into a table
in the database and whenever I launch a new version of the application I
want the application to scan the object tables to retrieve the names of the
objects that should be Altered and alter them....

Thanks in advance


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