Subject Transaction in limbo
Author fabiano_bonin
Hi all!

[root@servidor firebird]# gfix -v -full ./thal02.fdb.old
[root@servidor firebird]#

[root@servidor firebird]# gfix -list ./thal02.fdb.old
Transaction 54335 is in limbo.
Could not reattach to database for transaction 54335.
Original path:
Enter a valid path:

It makes some years i'm working with many FB servers, and it's the
first time i had this problem. I'd like to know what can cause it and
how i can solve. I did a backup/restore following the steps i found in
IBPhoenix site and it worked, but i presume there is an easier way to
handle this problem. PS: Note that the file 'thal02.fdb.old' is not
the same which is pointed by alias 'thal02'. Why gfix is asking me to
enter a valid path, and where did it find the original path
'', if it's not the database where i'm running
the gfix?

My server is a Fedora Core 3 with FB 1.5.2 CS.