Subject Re: Real-World examples or Benchmarks
Author brianasap
> There has been threads on this forum discussing scalablity, Aug-
Sept 2004
> (I believe) and February this year. You could search for posts by
> Calford. I'm quoting a post here to get you started.
> There is also a document, prepared by Helen B. based on posts by
Dalton C.,
> that discussed scaling. I'm sure someone will post the link.
> Now, the post:

Ok, I will search for these. BTW, I have ordered Helen's
book. Does it include any "real-world" examples of usage?

> implementation will scale to a larger needs environment without a
> This is a very detailed area of design.

I am sure that is so, but I don't think my requirements
require that consideration. It will "never" get to be
massive in terms of users or activity.

> We have firebird processing customer calls (over 2 million phone
calls a
> day) in a 5 9's environment. That system is replicated in three

Your application certainly sounds impressive. Steve Summers was
also kind enough to send me some information. (He published an
article recently).

It would be great IMO if some of these examples could be
published more widely. I know that everyone in this business
is stretched, and how do they get paid? Perhaps another book
if it isn't already in Helen's.

If I do adopt Fb, I will certainly make my small financial
contribution to help continue it.

Thanks for taking the time to provide the information.