Subject Real-World examples or Benchmarks
Author brianasap
I have searched for some examples of FB in real-world
mission critical applications, and also for Benchmarks,
including this ng.

Thus far I have not been able to find much of any interest
or use. I certainly do not have the resources to do my
own Benchmark.

I don't want to see that it is twice as fast or half as fast
as yxz database. I just want to see that it can handle
multi-user situations, is reliable, and if stressed, will
not corrupt or only partially complete tasks. Any speed
comparison with other databases is only of academic interest.
The ability to do the job with reliability is my main

Are there any articles that can give me this information.

BTW, I am only looking (initially at least) to support (say)
fifty users with moderate activity, using whatever server is
required to achieve that.

FB sounds great so far. I especially like the small footprint
which I presume must be some indication of good programming
standards. I hate bloatware. BTW I use Delphi.