Subject GBAK backups when disk full
Author nocsav

I'm working with some code that invokes gbak through the Firebird API.
(The code calls isc_service_start to do the backup)

We noticed that the backup gets stuck if the disk fills up. I just
sort of hangs.

I ran the gbak command from the shell, and noticed that when the disk
fills up, it prompts me for a new file name. I guess gbak is smart
enough to spread the backup over multiple files.

I'd like to know if there's a way to override this behavior. In this
situation, I'd like my application to try to backup. If the backup
fails because the disk is fullm that's ok. I just don't want it to
hang on me.

Has anyone else had experience with this?

I'm working with Firebird 1.5 on Windows and Solaris... but I've only
looked at this problem on Windows.

Thanks in advance,