Subject strange error message with SQLDA
Author benedicte_asselin

I found something strange in the DSQL engine, reporting an error in
a strange way.
if I feed the SQLDA structure telling: type=SQL_SHORT, sqllen=4 and
sqldata with a good pointer(i made an error giving a 32 bit rather
than a 16 bit), the next field gets a "validation error for column
COL2, value "*** null ***" "
the next field is itself well crafted (with obviously a non-null
value inside) and there is really a 'not null' column constraint on
it in the table declaration.

it's reproduced well by my code but it is rather big and
inappropriate for demonstration

if it interests anybody i'll try to make a small sample.

(I understand that the best we could do is making a better error
I use Firebird/x86/Windows NT (access method), version "WI-
V1.5.0.4306 Firebird 1.5"
on disk structure version 10.1