Subject Re: Firebird Enviroment Error
Author mikcaau
--- In, "raymond1565" <philluk@b...>
> I have recently installed firebird onto a new laptop in our office but
> i just cannot seem to get it to work. Whenever i try to connect to a
> database i get the error:
> Unable to complete network request to 'localhost'.
> Failed to establish a connection.
> The system could not find the enviroment option the was entered.
> Does anyone have any ideas what this means? Is there anything i can
> check to give me a better idea of what the problem acutally is?
> Phil
When debugging connect problems follow the following steps.
Fix each problem as you get to it

1) Ping Host IP (for local host
if this fails then you have a network or firewall problem
2) Ping Host name
if this fails you have a DNS problem
3) Telnet HostName 3050
if this fails you have one (or more of the following)
a) Firewall is blocking 3050
b) Firebird is not using 3050
c) Firebird is not running

I understand that LocalHost is not installed on XP by default but
Google XP install local host will give details