Subject Re: permission denied
Author mikcaau
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...>
> Correct all along. My apologies for not reading carefully enough to
> that Mark (and you) at this point were talking about *the database
> (not the backup file) being remote from the server.

Given the amount of advice you give and the huge amount of support a
small oversight now and then indicates that you are (after all) human :).
> >For my clients it would be handy to have backups from fb server to
> >another box.
> >probably at sometime in the future
> They can now: to a mounted filesystem on Linux or a mapped drive on
> Windows. Are you talking here about a Windows or a Linux server?
Working on both. Because of the vagaries of drive mapping today it is
X: tomorrow it will be N: and yesterday it was //aphrodite/Hugh I like
to have some carbon input.
My scripts tend to backup --> Zip/tar --> backup to /home/firebird

If /home/firebird is on tape backup path then all is done.
On Windows becomes gbak --> Zip --> C:\FBird\BackUp and
C:\FBird\BackUp is on tape backup path.

Experience being a firm instructor I also include in the tar/zip file
a copy of Aliases.conf and firebird.conf.

Thank you for your help all along


> ./heLen