Subject Re: Record Level Errors
Author Marek Konitz
> That sort of problem shouldn't ever happen. Are your clients local or
> remote?

Happen all the time. Clients are remote.

> Have you run the tool from ibsurgeon on the database? What
> were the results?

Well, IBFirstAid didn't find any errors, gfix -v -f shows few record
level errors at the time. I've used trial version.

Gfix -m solves the problem with backup, but unfortunately this is a
24h/7d working system, and should not be shut down very often.

Is this possible, that our applications - with ibx, usually at least one
transaction open (read-commited) do something terrible?
In every installation I found in log at least errno=10054 errors (most
common), 10060, 10061 and once 10065 - what can be the reason of such
errors? Last time I asked about 10054, suggestion was the broken lan
interface, but I don't suppose every of 15 installations of FB has lan

Best Regards


Part of IBFirstAid log:
2005-04-23 22:00:26 INFO: Running procedure: Header page check
2005-04-23 22:00:26 INFO: ODS Major = 10
2005-04-23 22:00:26 INFO: ODS Minor = 1
2005-04-23 22:00:26 INFO: PageSize is Ok = 8192
2005-04-23 22:00:26 INFO: Header page check: Ok
2005-04-23 22:00:26 INFO: Running procedure: Checking of RDB$Pages
2005-04-23 22:00:26 INFO: Checking of RDB$Pages consistency: Ok
2005-04-23 22:00:26 INFO: Running procedure: Low-level check of all
2005-04-23 22:00:26 INFO: Relation RDB$PAGES (0) is OK
2005-04-23 22:03:12 INFO: Low-level check of all relations: Ok
2005-04-23 22:03:14 INFO: Low-level check of all indices: Ok