Subject RE: [firebird-support] Field computed by a stored proc
Hi all,

This statement :

create table TEST (
  TEST_ID integer not null,
  NAME varchar(80),
  FIRSTNAME varchar(80),
  COMPANY varchar(80),
  FULLNAME computed by

As suggested by Adam "Compiles" (no SQL error) but the server "infinite
loops" (99% of processor used, I had to kill fbserver process.)

I will create a stored proc to compute this field at select time.


Pierre Y.

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Objet : Re: [firebird-support] Field computed by a stored proc

For a computed field, you are more or less restricted to using the
fields in the current record, any results from a UDF function, and/or
any evaluations contained there of.

In short, I don't believe you can use a recordset in a computed field.
Honestly, thinking about it, most cases, the performance of such a
method would be ... not good.


zedalaye@... wrote:
> Hi,
> How can I create a field computed by a stored proc ?
> Create table test (
>   Test_id Integer not null,
>   Name VarChar(80),
>   FirstName VarChar(80),
>   Company VarChar(80),
>   FullName computed by ((select fullname from sp_get_fullname(test_id,
> first_name, company)))
> );
> Firebird refuses to compile that statement.
> Can you help me ?
> Thank you very much, regards,
> Pierre Y.

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