Subject RE: [firebird-support] Firebird external virtual tables on Linux
Author Rick Debay
I'm already connected and manipulating the database, so the server name isn't required, and it's not in the syntax.

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Subject: Re: [firebird-support] Firebird external virtual tables on Linux

On 4/21/05, Rick Debay <rdebay@...> wrote:

> Directory /opt/firebird/rxs_log is owned by user firebird and group
> firebird
> Firebird.conf:
> ExternalFileAccess = Restrict /opt/firebird/rxs_log
> SQL:
> EXTERNAL FILE '/opt/firebird/rxs_log/EXCEPTION_LOG'

How do you do the connection to firebird database? I mean, are you doing "server:/path/to/file.fbd" or "/path/to/file.fbd"?

With first string is the firebird user who make the connection, with the second is the user who login on the server who tries to make the connection and also that tries to create the file.

> Access to external file "/opt/firebirdSS-1.5.1/rxs_log/EXCEPTION_LOG"
> is denied by server administrator

Try "localhost:/path/to/file.fbd"


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