Subject RE: [firebird-support] .FDB file size limit
Author Bill Meaney
>> > NTFS
>>Are you **positive**?
>>I suspect that the volume is actually FAT32.

The client is running NTFS on W2K SP3. W2K is the original OS on the
server, it is not an upgrade from NT.

>Or that you fell into the same trap I did? I upgraded from NT4 SP 6 to
>Win2K SP2. Existing NTFS partitions apparently didn't get upgraded to
>64-bit and choked on 4+Gb files. New NTFS partitions added since to new
>HDDs were in 64-bit. Solution (for me) was to back up the dbs and restore
>to new disks.

We are not attempting to create a file larger than 4Gb. Each file in the
.fdb should have a max size of 4Gb (8192 pageSize x 524288 pageCount). I
wouldn't think that the 4Gb limit would even be an issue, unless pageCount
is zero based.