Subject Re: [firebird-support] .FDB file size limit
Author Daniel Rail

At April 20, 2005, 20:18, Johan van Zyl wrote:

> What you are saying is that there is difference between NTFS NT4 SP6 and
> Some would say that it is obvious - but not to me, if they call BOTH NTFS,
> not NFTF 1 and 2 or NTFS Plain and NTFS MX etc.

Actually NT4(before SP4) had NTFS 1.1(commonly known as NTFS 4) and
Windows NT4 SP4 and up it's NTFS 1.2(commonly known as NTFS 5). NTFS 4
has a limitation on the file size and it's 4GB, although there's no
volume size limitation(except when first installing the OS). The only
Windows version that will try to automatically convert a NTFS 4
partition to NTFS 5 when upgrading is apparently Windows XP. Windows
2000 will still use the NTFS 4 partition. And, I don't know if there's a
utility to convert NTFS 4 to NTFS 5, although there are conversion
utilities to convert FAT16 and FAT32 to NTFS 5.

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