Subject 2GB database fix or partial backup
Author Bertrand LUPART

I have an old interbase server running on a linux box hidden somewhere
that was running fine until it's database size reached 2GB. gfix on
this machine end with an I/O error.

I tried to repair it using firebird 1.5 on Windows XP. I deleted lots
of old data from the database, then tried gfix and gbak on it.
gfix seems to be happy, while the database size is still 2GB after
-sweep and -mend.
gbak and gstat always end with an I/O error.

Is there a known way to fix or backup a 2GB database file?

I have a very few corrupt data in this database, only the last data
inserted, but if i try to remove these data, i get an I/O error.
Is it possible to partially backup a database or a table?



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