Subject RE: [firebird-support] Cyrillic Font
Author Chad Z. Hower
:: I know it's a little of topic, but it is useful for us all
:: to understand

Well if the moderators yell at us, I'll point them at you. :)

:: some of the language problems. I had not realised that the upper and
:: lower case were essentially the same character for instance.
:: So we learn!

They arent essentially the same, they ARE the same, just different sizes.

:: I think that aesthetics is more important in this case, and
:: the problem
:: is introducing upper and lower case into a market where
:: upper case only
:: has been the norm.

If you only have a 5x7 I don't see how you will get both. In fact its not
even just "uppercase", all you are doing is making just one size... Remember
you are theinkgina bout a latin set where we RECOGNIZE a difference, In
Russian there is nothing diferent to recognize, so if if you made it all
caps, or all lower, I would have NO way of knowing, unless there was a cap
AND a lower case to compare sizes.... See?