Subject Re: redirecting output of backup service or input of restore, or gziping?
Author benedicte_asselin
> I've not seen gbak compiled in to an application but the license
would not
> prevent it.
OK fine :) that's what i thought
> forgive me but I sense some confusion...
> if you are using the embedded server to access a local file, then
you do not
> need gbak - just attach to the embedded server's service manager
to backup
> and save to a local file.
yes yes, but i'm not extremely happy with a two pass method, i'd
prefer generate a "backup-compressed-encrypted" file in one pass to
avoid having the uncompressed/unencrypted file lying somewhere on
the file system.

I may backup quite large file also, i.e. several GB, and having them
compressed before writing may avoid problems as well as having the
file encrypted on the fly would avoid having all the data accessible
in clear format

Thanks for your help