Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: redirecting output of backup service or input of restore, or gziping?
Author Alan McDonald
> > With the services manager, you can't bring the file back across the
> wire. It
> > backs up to the server's local drive only (unlike gbak).
> OK so with service manager it is not feasible directly.
> Is it possible to compile GBAK code into my app (technically+license,
> should I do a DLL and publish the wrapper code?) and have it produce a
> file where I need it, zipped ? the embedded server (on Windows) does
> not allow access from outside the app.
> I saw also that Firebird 2, through NBAK, would allow incremental
> backups but I did not find doc for that, is it functional?
> Armel

I've not seen gbak compiled in to an application but the license would not
prevent it.

forgive me but I sense some confusion...
if you are using the embedded server to access a local file, then you do not
need gbak - just attach to the embedded server's service manager to backup
and save to a local file.

if you are using the embedded server to act as client library to a remote
server, then you may spawn a separate shell to run gbak against the server
while the application is running against the remote database. you may backup
to a file on the remote server's disk OR you may pull the backup file back
across the wire to the local file system.

in both cases where the backup file is created locally, its a trivial matter
to zip it. It is non-trivial to zip it if the backup file is saved to the
remote file system.