Subject Re: Anyone ever seen error "cannot attach to password
Author mikcaau
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--- In, Sam Hunt <shunt@n...> wrote:
> Aage Johansen wrote:
> >Sam Hunt wrote:
> > > ...
> > > All the PCs on my company's (small) network have an IP address of
> > > with an additional segment like ":755", so the
complete IP
> > > address might be something like The ":755"
When you are using Tcp/Ip you MUST adhere to the protocol or nothing
will work.
With TCP/IP the numbers are the IP address of your
computer and the value :755 refers to the port on your computer that
you want to use.
In effect is your street address and the port
asks for or supplies a service.
you might goto
for 110 to collect your mail
25 to send mail
3050 to connect to Firebird.

Every machine on your network MUST have a different IP address.

> >
> >I don't know much about tcp/ip, but your setup seems strange/new...
> >I always thought the units on the network must all have a unique
> >(, no ":yyy" (port?)). Your server's address must be

You don't need hosts files except for complex networks and even then
you need to keep them up to date.
DNS makes it all unnecessary