Subject Re: [firebird-support] Anyone ever seen error "cannot attach to password
Author Aage Johansen
Sam Hunt wrote:
> ...
> All the PCs on my company's (small) network have an IP address of
> with an additional segment like ":755", so the complete IP
> address might be something like The ":755" changes
> for a given PC every time it is rebooted. Does my server need a static
> IP address?

I don't know much about tcp/ip, but your setup seems strange/new...
I always thought the units on the network must all have a unique address
(, no ":yyy" (port?)). Your server's address must be fixed,
or you must use a (fixed) name that the client can resolve to the actual
current ip address.
Hope this can be corrected/amended/extended by someone ...

Aage J.