Subject Re: [firebird-support] system tables - second attempt.
Author Mitchell Peek
Martijn Tonies wrote:

>Did you actually try it?
>Any value uppercased in the system table, means that it doesn't
>use quotes. And value lower, or mixed case means it uses quotes.

Thanks for the response.

Yes of course, I tried it. And it is working. And true enough, any
value with lower case, spaces, and/or mixed case is obviously, dialect
3. However, I was trying to avoid having to parse each field name
character by character checking for a space or lower case character. It
would be so much easier to check a flag, or some other value in the
system tables. Just wondering if that existed anywhere in the system

What I didn't know, before now, is that ...

Create table ATest
( "THIS" int,
( andthis int)
are equivalent in terms of dialect reference. In other words. I didn't
extect this to work....

Select this from ATest but it does. as does....

Select "ANDTHIS" from Atest.