Subject Re: [firebird-support] system tables - second attempt.
Author Martijn Tonies
> Either my question is so basic and stupid that no one bothered to answer
> such an idiotic question, or, it is so complex that no one knows the
> answer, or it got lost and no one ever read it. I strongly suspect
> that it isn't the second possibility.
> Anyway, second try.
> I am accessing the system tables to build scripts to define auxillary
> tables, triggers etc. based on defined tables in several databases.
> How can one determine, from the system tables, if a column name was
> declared with Dialect 3 syntax. in other words,
> Create table ATable (
> Quantity BigInt,
> "Quality" SmallInt )
> If I join rdb$relations, rdb$relation_fields, and rdb$fields, I can get
> almost everything I need, but not whether or not the column name requires
double quotes. Am I just overlooking it?

Did you actually try it?

Any value uppercased in the system table, means that it doesn't
use quotes. And value lower, or mixed case means it uses quotes.

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