Subject Using Firebird Through SSH
Author Maurice Ling

I have a problem here that I hope someone can help. I need to use my
Firebird database (remote) through SSH. How can I get connected to my
remote database using isql.

I've made a SSH tunnel using "ssh -L 3000:localhost:22 <remote host>".
No log in is required because I've set it to using public key
authentication. However, when I try to connect to the remote database
using isql, I get the following:

Maurice-Lings-Computer:~ mauriceling$ isql
-u mouse -p mouse
Statement failed, SQLCODE = -902

Unable to complete network request to host "3000".
-Failed to establish a connection.
-Operation timed out
Use CONNECT or CREATE DATABASE to specify a database

At the same time, I am creating a program using Python and kinterbasdb
and is working nicely if both my program and the database is in the same
machine, how can I get connected through SSH if I'm on different machines?

Thanks a lot.


Maurice Han Tong LING, BSc(Hons)(Biochem), AdvDipComp, CPT, SSN, FIFA,
Doctor of Philosophy (Science) Candidate, The University of Melbourne
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mailing address: Department of Zoology, The University of Melbourne
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