Subject Re: How to know if an existing Firebird server is running?
Author Adam
Hi Rodrigo,

It depends on what you mean by is Firebird installed. Firebird may be
installed on the system but the service or application may not be
running, or it may be running but on a different port.

Here are some options:

Using a TidTCPClient (Indy Components), attempt to do a Connect with
Host = "localhost" and port = "3050". You will get an exception if it
is not running. (Socket Error 10061 connection refused).

There is also a registry entry "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Firebird
Project" you could look for, but I do not know whether that has always
been there.

You could even try using an IBDatabase connection string and opening a
connection. You will get the same socket error connection as the top if
it is not running.

Hope that helps

--- In, Rodrigo Andrés Chito
<rodchito@g...> wrote:
> Hello
> We're working on a Delphi 7 application and we need to know if an
> existing Firebird Server (nomatter if running as an application or as
> service) is installed, 'cause we can install Firebird Server, using
> port 3050, only if an older version don't exists. Sorry my bad
> english. Regards,
> ----------------------------------
> Rodrigo A. Chito
> Santa Fe, Argentina