Subject Re: [firebird-support] Anyone ever seen error "cannot attach to
Author Alexandre Benson Smith
Aage Johansen wrote:

>I would have thought that most sites restrict DHCP generated addresses to
>clients, reserving static addresses for their servers. So, I still think
>you should not let your server be assigned a dynamic address, and assume
>your customers do likewise.
>See also Alan's response.
>Aage J.
Agreed !

The servers must keep a static IP and the workstations dynamics, I can
see a (good) reason to the servers have dynamix address too.

If you rely on dynamic IP address on the servers, you should provide a
name resolution service too. I don't know much about windows
networking/tcp services, but I think the same server that serves DHCP
requests wil be able to provide name resolution too (once it has the
lease data).

See you !


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