Subject Database maximum size for gfix
Author Bertrand LUPART

I'm using firebird packages from debian testing (1.5.1-4) running on
Linux 2.6.9 on a Pentium IV. Filesystem is ext3.

From what i've read on the net, firebird's database size are only
limited by todays disks sizes.

Does the tools provided by the firebirds2-utils-* packages handle
databases bigger than 2GB?

I've a database whose size is just 2GB (2147483647) and i'm unable to
run gfix nor gbak on it:

$ gfix -v cnbDB.gdb
I/O error for file "/var/lib/firebird2/data/cnbDB.gdb"
-Error while trying to read from file



This is not a bug, this is a missing feature.