Subject Firebird more than one hundred time slower on some win2003 server
Author henry FRANQUET

On some windows 2003 server, my app runs at 1/100 of its speed.
No cpu used, no disk, no memory swap
I use Firebird 1.5.1 with IBOObjects and a snapshot transaction

I have set Windows 2003 to speed up application instead of background

On some servers Firebird runs normally, on others it is very very
Same programs, same database, same OS and as far as I have checked,
same settings (OS and Firebird setting)

I have tried localhost address and real IP address, it doesn't matter

But something tells me the answer ... Only high end servers were slow

I have disabled Hyperthreading of the CPU and eureka that's works !

I knews that in some case, hyperthreading slows windows, but not as