Subject Re: [firebird-support] Anyone ever seen error "cannot attach to password database"?
Author Sam Hunt
Dimitry Sibiryakov wrote:

>On 13 Apr 2005 at 10:53, Sam Hunt wrote:
>>Dbname=\\NSTI-2\C:\Program Files\AT6TestData\AUCTIONTRACKER.FDB;
> Ok. I'm not so good in long explanations as Helen, but I try.
> You use named pipes as connection protocol. This is the source of
>your problem, as I told you (or somebody else?) many times before.
> Why named pipes are in trouble? Because of this function, called in
>fbclient.dll or fbserver.exe: "ImpersonateNamedPipeClient". You can
>read what it does in MSDN.
> In short: it applies user name, password and rights of user
>currently logged in on client computer to server's process. So, this
>user must have full access to the database and the password database.
> I.e. if you connect to FB server from computer SAMS_COMP where you
>are logged in (locally) as SAM, user SAM on server (NSTI-2) must have
>read/write access rights on file AUCTIONTRACKER.FDB _and_
> You can avoid all these troubles using plain TCP/IP. Just change
>connection string to
>"NSTI-2:C:\Program Files\AT6TestData\AUCTIONTRACKER.FDB"
> This long-standing source of supporing business is removed in FB2.
>Thanks to Dmitry Yemanov.
Thx for the reply and (I hope) good info. Your reply has been the most
specific of any I have recd. Even though (I think) I have tried this
before, I'll try this again rt away and post my results.
Sam Hunt