Subject Re: [firebird-support] Secure FireBird 1.5.2 or IB 6
Author Ann W. Harrison
rekkod wrote:
> We want to secure our Meta Data and we decided that the best approach
> will be to download the source and encrypt/decrypt the data in the low-
> level read/write routines.

How are you going to manage keys?

> I was just wondering, does anybody know
> about a verion of IB or FireBird 1.5.2 where this has already being
> done, so that we can just replace/specify the encryption key, and if
> required maybe do our own re-compile of the source.

There is conditional code for encryption, but the system was never
completed and does not work generally. According to the last person to
try, the Windows version is the closest to working, but any version will
require a separate dll that performs the encryption. And, of course,
you've got the key problem.