Subject INET/inet_error: bind errno = 10013
Author freekinfido
We are having a problem with multiple windows SBS 2003 servers on
wich firebird 1.5.1 superserver is installed.
I am unable to connect to firebird no matter how (localserver,, ...) After starting the firebird server the following
appears in firebird.log:

SBS2003 (Server) Wed Apr 13 14:21:40 2005
INET/inet_error: bind errno = 10013

SBS2003 (Server) Wed Apr 13 14:21:40 2005
Unable to complete network request to host "sbs2003".
Error while listening for an incoming connection.
An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by
its access permissions.

SBS2003 (Client) Wed Apr 13 14:21:41 2005
Guardian starting: C:\Program Files\Firebird\Firebird_1_5

I have tried updating to the most recent firebird version, but this
didn't resolve the problem, this is also not preferrable as we wish
to use the same version on all deployments.
When using netstat i can see LISTENING.
The setup was not altered on any of the machines, no updates were
installed since the last boot with working firebird.