Subject "error: no permission for read/write TABLE IBE$SCHEMA
Author brcr11
>I was playing with privledges and got clobbered. Removed all
>priledges for a user and them restored "ALL" privledges. Opened my DB
>and got a message box with "error: no permission for read/write
>access to TABLE IBE$SCHEMA". Also got this for a new user added with
>ALL privledges. I found an INTERNET post with something similar and
>solved the problem by: ( Using IBEasy+ )
> 1. Opened the DB as SYSDBA and opened Tools/SQL Expert Mode
> 2. Entered "grant select on IBE$SCHEMA_BD to user BOB ;" also
>for MIKE
> 3. Clicked the execute icon ( ! )
> 4. Logged off as SYSDBA and back on as BOB ( or MIKE ) and
>walla message is gone.
>The error message went away. I hope I didn't hurt anything else.
>The post I found on the web indicated that this is a bug in Firebird.
>Any comments??